KoolShade/SmartLuvre: Click to see how the screen is made.  These machines were made in the 1930's and are still working today. In our opinion, this screen is the best on the market. It blocks about 90 percent of the in coming heat. It is quite a product. We have installed it at many colleges, hospitals, government and commercial buildings.

Manufactured from bronze micro-louvres mounted in extruded aluminum frames, KoolShade can be easily fitted, externally to all types of window. Screens can be statically fixed; top or bottom-hinged or set in sliding tracks providing maximum design versatility. They can withstand wind speeds up to 120 mph and act as an excellent protection against glass damage. In addition, it forms an excellent insect screen, will help retain heat within the building during the winter months and block out excessive traffic noise. More... Design © 2007 TotalWebDesigner.com

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