Sun Control

Koolshade Solar Screens
Minimize The Direct Solar Heat Gain

How the Shade is Made

R & T Specialty Construction, L.C. is an authorized distributor of KoolShade Solar Screens. KoolShade is a miniature louver system woven from bronze wires and configured into a mesh that has been scientifically designed to provide maximum outward view while optimally blocking the harmful effect of the sun’s rays. KoolShade minimizes the direct solar heat gain while it allows comfortable, diffused light to enter the room.

A test at Brooks Junior High School in Wichita, KS, was taken between two identical classrooms one with clear class & Venetian blinds & the other with KoolShade with the outside temperature reaching 94º at noon. Thermometers were placed 4 inches from glass, and at noon the inside temperature with clear glass was 145º, while the room with KoolShade was only 81º, a 64º difference! Click to learn more about © 2007

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